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Got questions? Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

There are so many office spaces available in Central Florida. Why should I choose Space Coast Business Center?
Space Coast Business Center takes pride in offering the best service to its tenants. We ensure that we maintain an excellent communication with them and are always there when they need us. So, you would always see them bragging about us. We are also strategically located between the Melbourne airport and only a few minutes away from Interstate-95, giving you a greater radius of business prospects. Lastly, our office enjoys a visibility from the busy SR 192, but since we are located in a residential area you can also expect safety and privacy of a quiet residential neighborhood.

What is the size for each unit?
Our offices come in a variety of sizes with the smallest suite being 543 sq. ft. and the largest being 2715 sq. ft.

Do they have a private entrance?
Yes. Each unit has its own private entrance.

Do the tenants have to share restrooms with other tenants?
No. Each unit has its own private restroom exclusively for its occupants to use.

How long is the lease?
Our most common lease term is one year for private office suites and three months for virtual offices. The terms of our leases are however negotiable.

How much does it cost to rent from Space Coast Business Center?
That depends on the terms and the size of the unit. The rent for virtual offices start at $99 and for private office suites, the rent starts at $550.

What is included in the rent?
Our rent includes amenities such as water and sewer service, trash service, maintenance of common areas and more.

Are there any other costs that I should consider before moving in?
We do have a front directory and door sign. Your business name can be added to these for a one-time fee. We work with a company that does both for $75.

What isn’t included?
Electric, phone/cable/internet, cleaning services in unit, light bulbs and any specialty services you may need.

How do I receive my mail?
To receive your mail, present your lease to the local post office and register your business. USPS will then provide you with the keys for your mail located near the building’s elevator.

How about the security system for the property?
We have security cameras with night vision. Being in a quiet residential neighborhood, our building is very safe. Most of the suites have doors with two locks. We recommend that you check with the local police before choosing any rental property. You will be pretty satisfied with ours.

Typically how much does the electricity cost?
Our units are energy efficient but still your electric bill will depend on your usage and can vary depending on several variables such as the number of employees, machines in the office, temperature, etc. We find that most bills are under $100, some far below. But again, this depends on your usage.

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